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Every time you purchase an item of clothing from Furry Friends Embroidery we will donate £1 to a small needy dog charity. We choose a different charity every year.

Help us help abandoned and unwanted dogs.

Welcome to Furry Friends Embroidery - Embroidered Dog Designs and Embroidered Badges

Furry Friends Embroidery offers beautifully embroidered clothing and embroidered badges, stiched with the design of your choice. We have over 80 dog designs to choose from, as well as cats and horses, so we hope you can find what you are looking for. If not get in touch we will do our best to help.

If you are looking for embroidered T-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces or jackets you will love our realistic dog embroidery designs. All of our designs can be personalised giving you a unique item of clothing for your friends to admire. If you need a design for your dog agility club just get in touch, we can help.

Every time you purchase an item of clothing from our online store we will donate £1 to a small needy dog charity, we choose a different charity every year. It's our way of giving back and helping abandoned and unwanted dogs.


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Choice of Designs
Persnonalised Embroidered Clothing
Embroidery for Clubs
We have over 80 dog breeds to choose from!
We can embroider your name or your pet’s name!
Just ask! We can embroider clothing for clubs.


Embroidered Badges
Embroidered Badges
Embroidered Badges
Embroidered Badges

Beautifully embroidered badges featuring your dog's name. With your choice of background colour, stitching colour and design, over 80 different dog designs to choose from.

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Golden Retriever
Black Labrador
Bearded Collie

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Embroidered T-Shirt
Embroidered Polo-Shirt
Embroidered Camisole Top
Embroidered Sweatshirt
Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt
Embroidered Fleece

T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Camisole Tops, Sweatshirts, Hooded Sweatshirts, Rugby Shirts, Fleeces and Jackets for Kids and Adults.

All embroidered with the design of your choice.

Any item in our clothing range can be embroidered with any design and we can even personalise them too!

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Spaniel Rottweiler Border Terrier

Embroidered T-Shirts - Embroidered Sweatshirts - Embroidered Fleeces - Personalised Clothing - Embroidered Bags - Embroidered Badges

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